09 September 2016

AN OBJECT OF STUDY / Performance by Ivan Lupi / Queens Museum, New York City, USA

Performance by Ivan Lupi

Presented in LiVEART.US for the program 'Transformations' hosted at the Queens Museum, New York City, USA.

AN OBJECT OF STUDY is performed in collaboration with Prof. Ryan Ashley Caldwell from Soka University of America.

LiVEART.US is curated and organized by Hector Canonge.

Saturday 17th of September 2016 at 2.00 p.m.

Freehand tattoo designs by Mishka Stein. Ph Martina O'Shea, 2016.

I trust the audience. I don't just consider it merely to be an audience. Once we are in the same room at the same time and we are all focusing on each other, the audience is performing as much as I am. As things correctly stand, most of the time the public enters the room and sits waiting for the performer to create something that hopefully fulfills or perhaps disappoints their expectations. Only a few performers have escaped this format successfully. I believe that a more critical approach from the audience is needed at the moment of the action. Not before. Not after. (Ivan Lupi)

In times of radical political changes it becomes difficult to keep the focus on the importance of what 'sharing' means. How can we come together if we feel separated? How is it possible to exist together when we don’t know how to understand the other(ed)? Performance art, social movements and protests clearly blur into each other more and more in their attempt to raise awareness on the topic of ‘sharing’ thereby creating confusion, noise and sometimes the erasure of important embodied self-narratives. What we see happening on the street, in galleries or underground scenes is only the surface of a hidden landscape that unravels itself between the walls of our actual homes. They are interestingly connected —the individual, the group, and larger culture. Dialogues, interpretations, and meanings unfold about these spaces, “homes”, and stories of identity manifest. Inspired by the private battles for our identities that we “do” within our closer circles of family, these clashes are what the sort of “domestic activism” challenges that are the point of departure for understanding this performance piece. If the family is the initial place for socialization about culture, it is certainly influential in determining not only how we come to see and engage with the world, but also in how we see and engage (and accept) ourselves. This approach is a secluded movement that sees ourselves involved on a daily basis where our body and embodiment plays a very important role in identity, activism, social relations (families, cultures, etc.), and beyond.

In the new work presented by the program LiVEART.US, curated by Hector Canonge and hosted at the Queens Museum in New York City, Ivan Lupi offers his body as a performance tool for those present to “come together" and "experience together” an open and informal, theoretical and practical conversation on the themes triggered by Professor Ryan Ashley Caldwell from Soka University of America. Ivan Lupi is this month's CONVIVIR artist in residence at MODULO 715, a live-in-create program initiated by Hector Canonge in 2015.

Freehand tattoo designs by Mishka Stein. Ph Martina O'Shea, 2016.